Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tulsa is weird!

The best things about any city are the things that make it unique. No one cares how many Starbucks there are or if you have seven or more 15 screen multiplexes. Those are things are NOT unique. The Elephant Bar is NOT unique, well, the food is uniquely bad, but I digress.

One city in this region that most would agree is cool is Austin. Why is Austin cool? Is it all the jobs at Dell? Is it UT? Dell makes a decent computer but Dell is not what makes Austin cool and no one in Oklahoma is going to say UT is cool. Now some might say having a stoner for a spokesman for a PC company is strange or even wrong, but in Austin they would say it's weird. Austin is not cool becuase of Dell. Dell is cool because Austin rubbed off on Dell and they ended up with the slogan, "Dude, yer buyin' a Dell".

It's the weird that in large part that makes Austin cool and Austin is proud to be the center of weird in Texas. Austin's city slogan is "Keep Austin Weird" http://www.keepaustinweird.com/ That certainly makes Austin unique, and unique is cool. Austin is in fact afraid of losing it’s “weirdness” . They should be, who wants to be just another Dallas? hell, Dallas doesn't want to be Dallas.

Why do I mention this? Well, Tulsa certainly has it’s share of weird, and it is part of makes this city special. Sometimes the conservatism here has tried to hide, medicate, or otherwise get rid of the weirdness that is in Tulsa. Sometimes I miss the fact that some of our conservatives are just plain weird too. That’s wrong, so long as no one is in danger or hurt, we should embrace those institutions and people that are weird here.

Paul Tay is a local weirdo, and he has recently come out of hiding and is spreading is weirdness as fast as he can. So long as he's not pulling an inflatable penis down the BA at rush hour I'm on his side. Here is what seems to be his new and very weird blog. Good for Paul!

I propose a new slogan for Tulsa, “Free Paul Tay and Save Tulsa's Weirdness!” We should all embrace that Tulsa is a weird place, and that is a good thing!

If you don't believe me, well, here are some places on the web that are examples of real, authenic weirdness in Tulsa:

http://www.bikerfox.com/ I have no word to explain this, you have to see the site, but have you seen the man? Usually in the shopping district along 71st, very weird.

http://www.oru.edu/ Come on, it’s Tulsa’s Six Flags over God, look at it, ORU is weird, seeing a 700 ft Tall Jesus telling you to build a hospital just as tall is weird, going and doing it is really beyond words weird.

http://tulsaindygazetter.blogspot.com/ Paul Tay at his finest.

http://www.createzoo.org/ Creationist offended by a zoo is weird

http://www.dustbury.com/archives/002841.html Virginia “Blue Jeans” Jenner is really weird

http://buseyworld.com/garybio.htm Gary Busey, arguably the weirdest man in Hollywood (and that’s saying something) grew up in Tulsa

http://www.savvycenter.com/explorer/roadside/roadside2/bigoilman.htm The Golden Driller is weird

http://theamerican.com/home/index.cfm?flash=1 A 26 story bronze Indian monument with an observation deck would be very weird

What weirdness in Tulsa can you add?


At 5:12 PM, Blogger Monk-in-Training said...

700 ft Tall Jesus

Wasn't that a 900 ft tall Jesus? One hates to quibble, however Christian American rises or falls on this vitally important measurement, so deeply resented by the Radical Left, Feminazis, Abortionists, Terrorists, etc.

At 5:24 AM, Blogger Dan Chang said...


At 5:25 AM, Blogger Dan Chang said...

Let's send Saddam a giant Christmas card from Tulsa! (Idea originally posted on TulsaNOW)

At 5:44 AM, Blogger Dan Chang said...

Write better headlines, jackass!

At 1:45 PM, Blogger Dan Chang said...

Merry Christmas, Saddam Hussein:

Beginning Monday, 28 November 2005, Tulsa Indy Gazetters will fan out across Tulsa with the Oklahoma State flag, with this message: Merry Christmas, Saddam Hussein. We will ask Tulsa citizens to sign the flag. On 18 December 2005, we will send the flag to Saddam Hussein in Bagdad Abu Ghrib Prison.

More on: http://tulsaindygazetter.blogspot.com/2005/11/make-tulsa-weird.html

At 2:22 PM, Blogger lisa12n said...

How is living in Tulsa? A friend is thinking of moving there from California, is it going to be too much culture shock?

At 8:41 AM, Blogger Dan Chang said...

Nah. Not too bad. Speech Nazis are everywhere.


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